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Help with pending lawsuit: get a cash advance now
Lawsuit Cash Advances

LEGAL ADVANCE FUNDING, a lawsuit funding company, is the leading provider of lawsuit cash advances for pending lawsuits. We provide you with the cash you need to live your life while your lawsuit is in progress. Don't feel pressure to accept low lawsuit settlement offers. Let us give you the cash you need to get the settlement you deserve. You can use your cash for any purpose such as to pay living expenses, hospital bills, even to start a business. And your credit is not important, it's the strength of your lawsuit that counts. Contact Legal Advance Funding now and receive the lawsuit cash advance that you need to hold out for the fair value of your case.

You only pay back the money if you win. A lawsuit cash advance from LEGAL ADVANCE FUNDING is non-recourse. That means if your lawsuit does not settle or is not decided in your favor, you owe us nothing! For a brief overview of the pre-settlement cash advance funding process see our quick guide to getting a lawsuit cash advance.

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